Map Your World

Cartography is a method of mapping your world which requires both accuracy and design.  Real-world latitude and longitude coordinates are used to produce an accurate two dimensional picture of our three dimensional world. Mapping your world can vary from tourism maps to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis.

Map Your Body

Reiki is a method of mapping your body through the Chakra system. Reiki is pronounced, "ray-key" and stands for universal life force energy in Japanese. Through reiki sessions, your body can remove blockages and heal itself. Gaining an understanding of a body map may help to identify the areas an individual needs to work on, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Map Your Brand

Administrative consulting services provided  specialize in small business start ups. A team member will work with you one-on-one to map your business and teach you the skills you need to manage your own brand. Services include, but are not limited to: brand creation,  web design and social media, travel support and event production and management.


Chelsea Gross

Founder & President

Chelsea the Cartographer LLC

Chelsea completed a degree in Geography (BS 2010) and an Advanced Certificate In Geographic Information Systems (2012) from Hunter College. She founded Chelsea the Cartographer LLC in 2011 while she maintained an adjunct position (2011 – present) teaching  weather and climate at Hunter College. Before Chelsea spent time in higher education administration (National Science Foundation sponsored programs 2013-2015) she was the New York City Outreach Coordinator for the Jane Goodall Institute's youth program, Roots & Shoots (2007-2009).


Chelsea’s interest in the energy body led her to complete a Reiki Master training (May 2016) and she continues to train to become a Reiki Master Teacher (projected completion 2017). Her combined understanding of spatial cartography and the human energy field allowed her to create the idea of mapping the body. She is eager to share the light of Reiki, as well as a spatial understanding of how, why and where our bodies store negative energy.




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