Destination Wedding Gift
Ironman Race Times, Cozumel
El Salvador Tourism Map, Sunzal
Macy*s 5K Event Map
Long Island Surf Map
Birthday Gift - Bathymetry LI Sound
Kidsbrige Event Map
Gift - Dunfermline Scotland
  • GIS Analysis

  • GIS Design

  • Database Management

  • Data Creation

  • Data Analysis

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  • Professional Training



During consulting projects the data delivered to the client is confidential as set by the client. Chelsea the Cartographer LLC respects the rights and intellectual properties of data ownership. Please contact the company for more information on past consulting work.





Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting


Spatial Outreach

Chelsea the Cartographer LLC offers in class experiences for both students and educators.


Workshops can include the following:


  • Teaching an understanding of spatial data representation through maps

  • Tailored exercises to existing in-class curriculum

  • Using mutli-step methodology to guide students to answer a thesis question through collecting data, analyzing that data and representing it visually


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